Christopher Kape

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Christopher Kape is the President of JAMCO Capital, a family office venture capital and consulting firm focused on opportunities that generate high returns on investments. He founded the company in 2001 and since that time has provided capital and business consulting services to over 25 companies. Chris has a remarkable desire to “always do better” and has extraordinary insight for recognizing and seizing opportunities.

Chris is the entrepreneurial spirit and passion behind every organization he is in involved with. He continues to consult with and maintains equity positions in firms that he has worked with in the past that are primarily in the gaming, high tech and wellness spaces. Over the course of his career, Chris has demonstrated that he is an accomplished leader and has consistently shown success in the following areas of focus: IPO/RTO, mergers and acquisitions, debt and equity capital financing, turnaround and change management, business consulting and creative structuring of deals.

As a serial entrepreneur, Chris has an eye for value and the ability to strategically shape, combine or direct organizations so that they can better build and execute on their business plans. He has helped numerous private and public businesses in various stages of their life cycle from incubation to commercialization to maturity, including successful business exits. As a result, and as a testimony to his track record, he maintains a range of officer and director positions with firms engaged in a cross section of industries.

In addition to his significant success in the business community, Chris has strived to enrich the lives of others through his philanthropic contributions to individuals, organizations and his community. With this mindset he helped organize humanitarian trips to promote literacy in rural Uganda, India, Colombia and Costa Rica, and continues to seek out new travel adventures in keeping with helping others. Chris also works locally in Vancouver having held board and committee member positions with a myriad of charities and non-profits that primarily help young children from diverse backgrounds.

Chris maintains that deep rooted values are the seeds to his success. Outside of his work life, he enjoys spending time with his three grown children and is an avid runner, biker, hiker and surfer.

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