JAMCO Raising Capital

JAMCO Capital Adds Value to Business

JAMCO Capital’s clients engage us to raise capital for many reasons including:

  • growth
  • acquisition funding
  • management buy-outs
  • debt refinance
  • shareholder liquidity
  • recapitalization

Unlike many consulting firms, JAMCO has access to its own pool of funds that it can make available to certain qualified businesses.

However, should your business’ capital needs be outside our internal investment mandate and/or scope, JAMCO Capital can source capital from high net worth individuals, banks and financial markets including fund managers who make start-up and small sized investments.

Whether using our own funds, or other sources, we are experts at identifying the best combination of funding to achieve our clients’ goals.  We position your business to attract the lowest cost of capital and find partners that can add value to your business in more ways than one!


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