Big Stick Media

  • JAMCO Capital Participation:
    - Equity Financing
    - Debt Financing (short and long term)
    - Acquisition Services
    - Initial Public Offering (IPO)
    - Reverse Public Offering (RTO)
    - Business Consulting
  • "JAMCO Capital spearheaded the process of taking Big Stick Media public on the Toronto Stock Exchange - Venture Exchange (TSXV) and raising substantial funding totaling US$17M towards the fultillment of its business initiatives. JAMCO's principal, Christopher Kape, played an active management role focusing on both daily operational matters as well as focusing on legal, financial, acquisitive and regulatory matters. The involvement of JAMCO and Christopher were tremendously valuable towards the fulfillment of Big Stick Media's potential."

    - Robbie Manis, CFO


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